Our Range of Garage Doors

At John Briars Garage Doors we supply and fit a wide range of garage doors from top manufacturers. For your convenience we have broken these down into four categories, and given you a brief description of each type:

Up and Over Garage Doors

These are the traditional garage doors fitted to many homes, and are still the most popular choice. Available in a wide range of styles and colours up and over garage doors can also be provided in either metal, GRP (glass reinforced polyester), or timber.

Most people decide to opt for an up and over garage door as they can offer very good value for money, as well as a large selection. Up and over garage doors can also be automated for extra convenience.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors offer many benefits over traditional up and over garage doors, and are an increasingly popular choice. Sectional doors operate on tracks, which are normally fitted behind the piers at the front of the garage, continuing under the ceiling. This then gives maximum drive through width.

Additionally, the doors rise vertically, so allowing vehicles to park closer to the door both inside and outside the garage, and allowing taller vehicles to park in the garage. The most popular choice is a double skin insulated door. This will be of benefit if the garage is used as a workshop, or if there is a room above which gets cold. These doors can manual or automated.

Roller Garage Doors

Roller doors have traditionally been used for commercial applications, but are increasingly popular for domestic use. A roller door quite literally rolls up above the garage entrance when opened. The most popular roller door is automated, but a manual option is available.

The main practical differences between a roller garage door and a sectional garage door are that while a roller garage door does allow a certain amount of extra high level storage, they are available in less styles than a sectional garage door.

Single Skin Side Hinged Garage Doors

We also fit side hinged doors, which open outward, and can be in a 50/50 configuration, or one 3rd/two 3rd. These are sometimes the only practical solution for some people, and are available in a limited number of styles.

Insulated Side Hinged Doors

Insulated side hinged doors are available, in a wide variety of colours and finishes, and a limited number of styles. These are only available in a 50/50 configuration.


The fitting of all new garage doors, manual or electric, is guaranteed by us for 2 years from the date of fitting. This is in addition to the manufacturer’s guarantee.

For further details of any of our garage doors, please contact us.